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Temptation of John | 035 Book III EPILOGUE

Series Epilogue - this is the FINAL vision of Apostle John wherein he witnesses the Second Coming of Christ our Lord.

Temptation of John | 034 Book III Chapters 36 to END

Book 3, Chapters 36-38 - in the final climactic scene of the series, John has a final vision - of Pope Benedict battling against the Antichrist to save the world!

Temptation of John | 033 Book III Chapters 31-35

Book 3, Chapters 31-35: John finally returns to Golgotha - along with The Antichrist, Pope Benedict, Lazarus, Mary, and the Chosen Ones of The Beast!

Temptation of John | 032 Book III Chapters 28-30

Book 3, Chapters 28-30: John and his friends are forced to listen to Dr. Ma'bus as The Beast explains to them how they will die.

Temptation of John | 031 Book III Chapters 25-27

Book 3, Chapters 25-27 - captured by The Beast, John and his friends lament their fate.

Temptation of John | 030 Book III Chapters 21-24

Book 3, Chapters 21-24: John attempts to rescue his friends from the clutches of The Brotherhood of EArth.

Temptation of John | 029 Book III Chapters 17-20

Book 3, Chapters 17-20: John attends a secret meeting of The Brotherhood of EArth - hoping to find his friends.

Temptation of John | 028 Book III Chapters 14-16

Book 3, Chapters 14-16: John attends a secret meeting of The Brotherhood of Earth that takes place at the site of Tower Bay.

Temptation of John | 027 Book III Chapters 11-13

Book 3, Chapters 11-13: Without his revelations to guide him, John is forced to watch the local news - that's where he's sees the final vision of The Two Witnesses

Temptation of John | 026 Book III Chapter 10 "I am the Vine..."

Book III, Chapter 10 - John takes a pause in his story to share the simple secret on how to experience Everlasting Life...

Temptation of John | 025 Book III Chapters 7-9

Book III, Chapters 7-9: John fills you in more on the backstory of his life - what's he been up to the last 2,000 years? It will blow your mind!

Temptation of John | 024 Book III Chapters 4-6

Book III, Chapters 4-6: We witness the aftermath of John's Magnus Opum - wherein he is visited by The Angel of the Lord Gabriel.

Temptation of John | 023 Book III Chapters 1-3

Book III, Chapters 1-3: John finally completes his alchemy masterpiece The Magnus Opum - but will it finally give him the death he so desperately seeks?

Temptation of John | 022 Book II Chapters 36-END

Book II, Chapters 36-38 - Book Two concludes with John's vision of his friends Miriam and Alan being delivered to Pope Benedict for judgement. What will the pope decide to do with the immortals?

Temptation of John | 021 Book II Chapters 32-35

Book II, Chapters 32-35: John watches Miriam and Alan as they try to find the secret treasure room under the Vatican known as "The Sacra Crypta."

Temptation of John | 020 Book II Chapters 29-31

Book II, Chapters 29-31: John watches his friends Alan and Miriam as they travel to Rome to see Benedict. During the journey, Alan reveals a shocking new theory about The Antichrist

Temptation of John | 019 Book II Chapters 26-28

Book II, Chapters 26-28: John and his friends discuss the Pope Joan conspiracy and Miriam reveals a secret letter written by that infamous pope that could hold the key to saving the world!

Temptation of John | 018 Book II Chapters 23-25

Book II, Chapters 23-25: An exhausted John tries to fend off the annoying questions of his friends, as Alan and Miram struggle to figure out the relationship between Pope Benedict, Mystery, and The Antichrist.

Temptation of John | 017 Book II Chapters 19-22

Book II, Chapters 19-22: John has a vision about the woman Mystery being tormented by The Beast - can she escape her fate?

Temptation of John | 016 Book II Chapters 16-18

(Book II, Chapters 16-18) John has 3 appalling visions about Pope Benedict - even witnessing the pontiff lose control in a murderous rage.

Temptation of John | 015 Book II Chapters 12-15

(Book II, Chapters 12-15) John's fear materialize as Miriam arrives on his doorstep, begging him to heal Lazarus.

Temptation of John | 014 Book II Chapters 9-11

(Book II, Chapters 9-11) John has multiple visions about Miriam as she confronts the hellish Chairs of Woe and battles against the Seven Deadly Sins in a desperate effort to save Lazarus.

Temptation of John | 013 Book II Chapters 7-8

(Book II, Chapter 7-8) John's visions include a view of Dr. Ma'bus showing his prisoner Alan the Chairs of Woe. Later John discovers that Miriam has rescued Alan, but he doesn't yet know how she did it.

Temptation of John | 012 Book II Chapters 5-6

(Book II, Chapters 5-6)

Temptation of John | 011 Book II Chapters 3-4

(Book II, Chapters 3-4) John sees Alan alive in his vision but realizes he is still a prisoner of Dr. Ma'bus.

Temptation of John | 010 Book II Chapters 1-2

(Book II: Chapters 1-2) John opens Book II with a vision about Miriam attempting to infiltrate Dr Ma'bus' palace in Baghdad.

Temptation of John | 009 Book I Chapters 24-27 (End of Book I)

(Book I: Chapters 24-27) John finishes reading Book I of his trilogy by revealing the identity of The Antichrist!

Temptation of John | 008 Book I Chapter 21-23

(Book I: Chapter 21-23) John answers more questions from his listeners and admits that he was part of a conspiracy to discredit Mary Magdalene. Later he has a revelation about his own death...at the hands of Pope Benedict!

Temptation of John | 007 Book I Chapter 19-20

(Book I: Chapters 19-20) John feels sorry for himself (again) as he continues to feel abandoned by Jesus.

Temptation of John | 006 Book I Chapters 16-18

(Book I: Chapters 16-18) It's all about Miriam in this episode as John endures THREE revelations that concern his long-time 'friend.'

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