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Temptation of John | 010 Book I Chapters 24-27 (End of Book I)

(Book I: Chapters 24-27) John finishes reading Book I of his trilogy by revealing the identity of The Antichrist!

Temptation of John | 009 Book I Chapter 21-23

(Book I: Chapter 21-23) John answers more questions from his listeners and admits that he was part of a conspiracy to discredit Mary Magdalene. Later he has a revelation about his own the hands of Pope Benedict!

Temptation of John | 008 Book I Chapter 19-20

(Book I: Chapters 19-20) John feels sorry for himself (again) as he continues to feel abandoned by Jesus.

Temptation of John | 007 Book I Chapters 16-18

(Book I: Chapters 16-18) It's all about Miriam in this episode as John endures THREE revelations that concern his long-time 'friend.'

Temptation of John | 006 Book I Chapters 13-15

(Book I: Chapters 13-15) John has a vision of Miriam and The Book of Life, followed by a further revelation about Pope Benedict's conspiracy to kill Dr. Ma'bus.

Temptation of John | 005 Book I Chapters 8-12

(Book I: Chapters 8-12) John explodes in anger against a series of new revelations, finally admits to being the Apostle John, and explains why he was 'cursed' with immortality.

Temptation of John | 004 Book I Chapter 5-7

(Book I: Chapters 5-7) John has a vision about his friend Alan Zarus talking to a mystery woman who claims she knows who the Antichrist is.

Temptation of John | 003 Book I Chapter 3-4

(Book I: Chapter 3-4) John has a shocking revelation about Pope Benedict involved in a grand conspiracy to assassinate a beloved world leader!

Temptation of John | 002 Book I Chapter 1-2

(Book I: Chapter 1-2) John receives an unwanted letter from a long-lost friend and then an even more unwelcome visitor comes calling - with evil intentions on his mind.

Temptation of John | 001 1-Minute Teaser Intro

Official Trailer for The Last Temptation of John Podcast. Be sure to check out the website at for more.

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