Temptation of John | 004 Book I Chapters 8-12

(Book I: Chapters 8-12) John explodes in anger against a series of new revelations, finally admits to being the Apostle John, and explains why he was 'cursed' with immortality.

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In THIS episode you'll hear:
  • Book I - The Pawns of Prophecy
  • Chapter 8 - Gratitude is an Art
  • Chapter 9 - Men of Renown
  • Chapter 10 - The Girl Who Cried Wolf
  • Chapter 11 - Immortality, Ugh
  • Chapter 12 - The End is NOT Near
Episode Description:
Although he knows his friend Alan is in danger, John refuses to help and instead rails against God in anger. As a reward, God send John two new revelations - the first about the prophets Elijah and Enoch (The Two Witnesses he wrote about in the Book of Revelation) and the second about his friend Miriam Magdala (another immortal from Biblical times).

Later in the show, the mystery of John's backstory is finally revealed as the narrator admits to being the Apostle John and explains when he discovered he was 'cursed' with the gift of immortality.

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