Temptation of John | 006 Book I Chapters 16-18

(Book I: Chapters 16-18) It's all about Miriam in this episode as John endures THREE revelations that concern his long-time 'friend.'

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In THIS episode you'll hear:
  • Book I - The Pawns of Prophecy
  • Chapter 16 - The Chosen Few
  • Chapter 17 - The Great Harvest
  • Chapter 18 - I've Loved You for 1,000 Years
Episode Description:
John gets frustrated when he witnesses a vision of Miriam arguing with the Angel Gabriel about The Book of Life as Miriam questions why only 144,000 people will be raptured. He then listens as the Archangel details the Story of Redemption as it plays out throughout the Universe. Finally John remembers the Day of Passover and a debate among the Apostles about Mary Magdalene's apparent growing influence over Jesus.

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